Smile Makeovers Could Truly Enhance Your Overall Wellbeing

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Have you felt less than confident in your appearance because of a slightly flawed smile? For those inhibited by their smiles due to superficial imperfections like discoloration, gaps, or misaligned or cracked teeth, a smile makeover done by a dental professional in Humble, TX may be the perfect answer to increasing confidence and enhancing your smile. At MINT dentistry in Humble, our dentists provide smile makeovers that could involve gum sculpting, porcelain veneers, professional teeth whitening, Invisalign, and even restorative dental treatments to fill in lost teeth. No matter what your goals are, our staff is trained in a diverse range of cosmetic treatments, so we can create your perfect smile makeover. Put aside a little time to read about the top problems individuals in Humble, TX have about their smiles and what treatments we perform at MINT dentistry in Humble.

Several contemporary dental procedures can be performed to eliminate many of the aesthetic concerns that men and women in Humble, TX have with the look of their teeth and gums. Several of the most common problems people have are:

    Each sip of wine, cup of coffee, and yummy berry you enjoy can leave an impression on your smile. Unless you brush your teeth as soon as you drink or eat, your enamel is acquiring stains. Eventually, these stains can make your smile look dirty and grayed. You probably have tried or looked into store-bought whitening solutions; however, these deliver minimal results. For quick, safe, and strong results, add professional teeth lightening to your designer smile makeover. The majority of dentists in Humble, TX offer both laser whitening and personalized do-it-yourself whitening kits.
    When your gums are too big, it can skew the proportion of gums to crowns. This causes what is popularly known as a "gummy" smile. While a gummy smile is typically not a serious issue, it could make your teeth appear too small and influence the total look of your smile. Laser gum sculpting (also referred to as crown lengthening) removes the excess gum tissue to reveal a higher gum line. A knowledgeable dentist in Humble, TX will sculpt your current gum line for a gorgeous smile.
    Crooked teeth have a large impact on the overall look of your smile. If your teeth are crooked or out of alignment, you may be an ideal candidate for a simple orthodontic treatment, such as Invisalign. Good for older teenagers and adults of any age who would like more uniform teeth minus the problems of standard braces, Invisalign is practically invisible and can be taken out so you can easily brush and floss your teeth. Moving your teeth into their proper alignment will not only make your smile look more beautiful, but it can improve your general oral health.
    Some people love the look of dental gaps; however, if you aren't happy about yours, there are multiple cosmetic dentistry procedures that can help. Based on the degree of the gap between your teeth, you may consider dental veneers to hide the gap. Slender shells composed of high-quality porcelain, cosmetic veneers are bonded to the visible portion of your teeth. Your dentist will ensure that your veneers blend with your real teeth and fit just right. For patients who have gaps between several teeth, Invisalign orthodontics may be the best method to correct your dental alignment. A scheduled series of virtually invisible, removable aligners, Invisalign noninvasively shifts your teeth into the proper places to do away with gaps.
    Your smile might be seriously impacted by a lost tooth or teeth. No matter how the tooth came to be missing, your aesthetic smile makeover plan can help improve your smile. A single lost tooth may be replaced using a custom restoration. An implant-supported restoration may restore one tooth or several to get a natural-looking restoration. Another option is a personalized bridge, which will be colored and contoured to blend in with your real teeth for a seamless result.
    A little chip in your enamel can make your smile look irregular and jagged. A terrific choice to restore your smile is veneers. A thin porcelain shell is applied over any cracked teeth to create the appearance of a seamless smile. Dental veneers are tailor made to fit over your top teeth, bottom teeth, or both, based on your dental imperfections and goals. Some cracks might also be improved using bonding and contouring, a method that uses composite resin (the very same substance used in tooth-colored fillings) to reconstruct the lost enamel. Although bonding and contouring is a quicker process, veneers generally last longer.
    People who have microdontia or teeth that are misshapen may benefit from cosmetic veneers. Microdontia (a condition where the teeth are underdeveloped) will impact the appearance of your smile. While this generally does not bear on your oral health, it does make your teeth look immature and unattractive. Custom veneers can boost the look of your smile by masking microdontia or teeth that are oddly shaped.

After your treatment plan is done, it's important to keep your teeth and gums healthy and looking fabulous. This includes a good home dental hygiene routine (flossing, brushing, and mouthwash), which you adhere to every day. To help keep your smile white and healthy, ask your dentist about using a home teeth bleaching system. Using professional brightening solutions and comfortable personalized dental trays, you can use your at-home kit as necessary to increase the brightness of your enamel. Along with daily oral care at home, you ought to continue to see your dentist in Humble, TX two or more times a year for your comprehensive oral health assessment and professional cleanings. During these visits, your dentist will examine you for any developing issues (such as periodontal disease and decay) and deal with them. This will ensure that your smile stays healthy and beautiful.

Whether you only need] a few small tweaks or a full restoration, your smile makeover will be customized to include the cosmetic treatments that fit your objectives. If you think you're a candidate for a smile makeover, schedule a consultation at our practice in Humble, TX. Applying our extensive experience, cutting-edge equipment, and modern techniques, our staff at MINT dentistry in Humble will work with you to craft your smile makeover. Visit us with a list of your concerns and walk out with a new smile that will amaze the streets of Humble, TX!

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